Some of the Local RV Parking Ordinances
(Please contact your local government office for complete details)
By storing your Boat or RV with us you no longer need to endure criticism from neighbors and you won't be in violation of local ordinances for storing at your house or on the  street.
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City of Bay City  Phone: 989-894-8200  

Recreational Vehicle Parking Regulations

Table 122-381 Subsection 9   See Page 17-3

Click Here for City of Bay City Zoning Ordinance 

Store your RV at Bay City Boat & RV Storage it
Makes Your Home Safer

If you store your RV at home, when the RV is away, it's like putting a sign outside for thieves that says "we're away on vacation, come on in."
So by parking it with us, your home will be safer.

Charter Township of Monitor  Phone: 989-684-7203

Recreational Vehicle Ordinance 52K

Click Here Charter Township of Monitor RV Ordinance

Charter Township of Bangor  Phone: 989-684-8931

Storage of Recreational Equipment - Section 5.15    See Page 5-18

Click Here for Charter Township of Bangor RV Ordinance